Know What Should Miami Wedding Photography Packages Include

As a wedding photographer you should know what to add and what to exclude in your wedding photography package. It is important that you give your clients a complete package that will include coverage of the events, the timing, albums and lots more. To start with, you should know exactly the amount that you can and want to charge from your clients. This consolidated amount should have a proper breakup that will make things more believable and convincing to the clients knowing that they are not overcharged. They will know what they have to pay for their expectations.

Coverage Of Events  

There are a lot of events in a wedding day and everything should be properly photographed, if asked by the client. There will be some wedding ceremonies that will last for long hours and even days depending on the culture and tradition, wish and affordability of the participants. It is also advised that you break it up into number of days accordingly to include it in the Miami wedding photography packages. Therefore, first thing that you should do is to discuss everything in detail with the couple about the coverage before signing the contract.

Know The Numbers

You will also need to know a lot of numbers so that you can include in the Miami wedding photography packages. First know the number of photographers required to shoot at the wedding. If you need to cover all events then you will require a second shooter to provide value added service and to deliver more in less time. Similarly the number of hours required for shooting and post production work is required to know and include. You should charge on hourly basis so that misuse of your services is restricted. Lastly, know about the number of prints and soft copies to be delivered.

Traveling And Accommodation  

The travelling and accommodation factor is important to include especially for destination wedding. However exciting it may seem to you, the travelling and accommodation expenses should be borne by your clients. You must make sure that you discuss about the flights, conveyance, accommodation, food and all other basic factors well ahead of time with your clients before the contract is signed.

About Engagement Shoot

It is common these days to shoot for the engagement as well and therefore you should ask extra for such add on service. However, in most weddings such engagement shoot is usually not included in the wedding package but it is always good to discuss everything in details with your client. Remember, in a wedding photography package lowest price is not the key factor always and therefore be wise with your inclusions to create the best and most comprehensive wedding photography package.


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